The Voices of War

The Voices of War

A podcast with a simple vision—scratching below the simple narratives of war

About The Voices of War Podcast

‘The Voices Of War’ is guided by a simple vision—to scratch below the simple narratives of war.

To do this, I speak with refugees, soldiers, negotiators, academics, development workers, and anyone else whose life has been shaped by war, be they a survivor, a perpetrator, a mediator, a student, or a healer of it.

Ultimately, I want to make it lucid that neither war nor peace is a foregone conclusion. Both are a product of upstream causes that make one or the other more likely. Understanding and embracing this fact is critical when trying to find moral and ethical solutions to our many local, regional, and global challenges.

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As a former refugee and migrant, I can appreciate that even a few dollars per month might be too much to spare on a podcast. If you are in this situation and cannot afford a subscription, please email me at as I have an alternate offer for you. No questions asked.

Any university or educational establishment that wishes to use these discussions in their curricula, need only email me and I will share the full audio file of any episodes of interest.

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