The Voices of War

31. Stephanie Speck – Strategic Communication: A Tool For Change

VOW 31 | Strategic Communication

  My guest is Stephanie Speck, who has lived and worked in more than 20 countries, accumulating almost 25 years of experience as a strategy and communications adviser, supporting democratic reform in fragile and conflict-affected settings. Stephanie’s expertise includes the design and programming of cross-government reform strategies, strategic communication and advocacy initiatives, public policy development, […]

30. Adam Cooper – Mediation, Diplomacy And Digital Conflict

VOW 30 | Conflict Negotiation

  My guest today is Adam Cooper. He is the Director of Digital Conflict for the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, or HD. Adam has been with HD for over a decade and now oversees a global programme of work mediating offensive cyber operations and disinformation on social media. He also hosts ‘The Mediator’s Studio’ podcast, […]

28. Sahar Fetrat – On The Plight Of Women And Girls In Afghanistan

VOW 28 | Women In Afghanistan

  My guest today is Sahar Fetrat, a young Afghan living and studying in London. Born in Afghanistan but forced to flee when she was only one year old, Sahar returned with her family to Kabul when she was 10 and stayed there until graduating from university. She then moved to Budapest to pursue her […]

27. Dr Ghassan Jawad Kadhim – Still ‘The Last Optimist In Baghdad‘?

VOW 27 | Iraq

  My guest today is Dr Ghassan Jawad Kadhim, who is a political advisor and analyst of politics of the Middle East. His expertise lies in his own homeland, Iraq, where he has spent nearly twenty years supporting dialogue and development. He has worked extensively with local as well as international actors on diverse projects […]