The Voices of War

95. Heidi Langbein-Allen – From Propaganda To Desperation: Understanding Nazi Indoctrination Of German Youth In Hitler’s Army

VOW 95 | Nazi Indoctrination

  Join The Voices Of War at If subscription costs are prohibitive, email me for alternate solutions. Universities and educational institutions can always reach out for full access to episode files. — My guest today is Heidi Langbein-Allen, who recently published the memoirs of her father, Willi Langbein, who, at the age of 13, […]

44. Special Release: Wolfgang Sporrer – Providing Nuance To The Crisis In Ukraine

VOW 44 | Ukraine Crisis

  My guest today is Wolfgang Sporrer, who is an Adjunct Professor at the Hertie School in Berlin. He used to be the head of the Human Dimension Department of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission in Kyiv, where he lead the civilian aspects of conflict management and facilitated and promoted dialogue between the opposing sides.   Before […]