The Voices of War

57. John Gartner – Reflections on a lifetime of service in the Special Forces

VOW 57 | Special Forces

  Today, I spoke with John Gartner, whose career as a professional soldier and security adviser spans more than five decades. During that time, he served in the Australian SAS, Rhodesian SAS, Selous Scouts, South African National Intelligence Service and as a trainer for Sri Lankan Infantry and Special Forces units. He also provided security […]

17. Will Yates And Joe McCleary – On Trial For War Crimes: A Soldier’s Experience

VOW 17 | War Crimes

  My guests today are Will Yates and Joe McCleary. Will is a freelance writer, documentary producer, and investigative researcher for television, film, and radio with more than 18 years of experience producing factual programming for outlets such as The National Geographic, BBC, and the History Channel. Throughout his career, he has spent many years […]

4. Ashley Judd – On Combat, Mental Health And The Road To Recovery

VOW 4 | Mental Health Recovery

  Today, I’m proud to be bringing to you an episode on a topic that, as an Army officer, I think is not discussed enough—Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) amongst war veterans. My guest, Ashley Judd, and I went through our Army officer training at the Royal Military College – Duntroon together, way back in […]