The Voices of War

97. Yousuf Sediq – The War In Afghanistan: Exploring Its Complexities, Absurdities, And Challenges With An Afghan Special Forces Commander

VOW 97 | War In Afghanistan

  Join Resolute’s inaugural ‘Clinical Masterclass – Caring For Those Who Serve’ on the 2nd of September, featuring an impressive line-up of experts. Every cent raised supports the Soldiers & Sirens Western Australia charity. Find out more at **** Join The Voices Of War at Can’t afford the subscription? Email me for an alternative solution. […]

76. Andrew Quilty – ‘August In Kabul’ And The Return Of The Taliban

VOW 76 | Taliban

  My guest today is Andrew Quilty, an Australian photojournalist, investigative journalist, and author. Andrew is the recipient of eight Walkley Awards, including the Gold Walkley, for his work in Afghanistan, where he has been based since 2013. He joined me to discuss his recently published book, August in Kabul: America’s last days in Afghanistan, which […]

24. Hizbullah Khan – On The Current Situation And The Future Of Afghanistan

VOW 24 | Future Of Afghanistan

  Today, I once again spoke with Hizbullah Khan, an Afghan security analyst and journalist, who remains in Kabul. We recorded our first discussion on the 17th of August, only a day after the Taliban took control of Kabul where we discussed how we got to where we are now (you can access that episode here). […]

20. Dr. Mike Martin – Update On Unfolding Situation In Afghanistan

VOW 20 | Afghanistan Update

  Today, I spoke with Dr. Mike Martin about the current situation in Afghanistan. As there is a lot of international interest in the unfolding crisis, I am releasing the episode slightly ahead of my regular publishing cycle and only two hours since recording. You can hear Dr. Mike’s full bio in our previous episode […]