The Voices of War

81. Professor Greg Barton – Understanding Radicalisation, Extremism And Terrorism

VOW 81 | Extremism

  This a reminder that The Voices Of War is transitioning to a subscription model from February. More info here. Those wishing to subscribe can already do so here. — Today, I’m speaking with Professor Greg Barton, who is a Research Professor in Global Islamic Politics at Deakin University. Greg is one of Australia’s leading scholars of […]

20. Dr. Mike Martin – Update On Unfolding Situation In Afghanistan

VOW 20 | Afghanistan Update

  Today, I spoke with Dr. Mike Martin about the current situation in Afghanistan. As there is a lot of international interest in the unfolding crisis, I am releasing the episode slightly ahead of my regular publishing cycle and only two hours since recording. You can hear Dr. Mike’s full bio in our previous episode […]