The Voices of War

52. Dr David Whetham – On the Ethics of War, War Crimes and Ethical Decision Making

VOW 52 | Military Ethics

  My guest today is Dr David Whetham who is a Professor of Ethics and the Military Profession in the Defence Studies Department of King’s College London. He is the Director of the King’s Centre for Military Ethics and delivers or coordinates the military ethics component of courses for around two thousand British and international officers a year at the UK’s […]

42. Special Release: Mark Willacy – On ‘Killing Field‘ and ‘Rogue Forces

VOW 42 | Australian SAS

  Today, I spoke with Mark Willacy, the journalist behind the ABC report ‘Killing Field’ as well as the recently published book ‘Rogue Forces: an explosive insiders’ account of Australian SAS war crimes in Afghanistan’. Even though I stated that I will recommence publishing new episodes on the 21st of February 2022, I am releasing this […]

17. Will Yates And Joe McCleary – On Trial For War Crimes: A Soldier’s Experience

VOW 17 | War Crimes

  My guests today are Will Yates and Joe McCleary. Will is a freelance writer, documentary producer, and investigative researcher for television, film, and radio with more than 18 years of experience producing factual programming for outlets such as The National Geographic, BBC, and the History Channel. Throughout his career, he has spent many years […]