The Voices of War

54. Duncan Spinner – The Fight for At-risk Ukrainians

VOW 54 | Ukrainians

  My guest today is my good friend, Duncan Spinner. Since 2015, Duncan has been working in Ukraine and for four years was the OSCE Head of Operations for Luhansk. Some of the other topics we covered are: Snapshot of Duncan’s extensive experience working in conflict affected nations Work in Ukraine as the OSCE Head […]

28. Sahar Fetrat – On The Plight Of Women And Girls In Afghanistan

VOW 28 | Women In Afghanistan

  My guest today is Sahar Fetrat, a young Afghan living and studying in London. Born in Afghanistan but forced to flee when she was only one year old, Sahar returned with her family to Kabul when she was 10 and stayed there until graduating from university. She then moved to Budapest to pursue her […]

2. Dejan Mujkanovic – From Bosnian Refugee To Australian Army Officer

VOW 2 | Bosnian Refugee

  My guest today is Dejan Mujkanovic. He is an Australian Army officer with 19 years of military experience. He has completed several tours of Afghanistan and also deployed to East Timor. He was born in Bosnia in 1980 and experienced the full brunt of the civil war in the 90s. His hometown of Prijedor […]